Rikk Manning teams up with Pig Hog Cables

Rikk Manning teamed up with Pig Hog Cables in 2015 after being tested by the demands of the road while touring with The Kelly Richey Band. Rikk started to search out rock solid equipment that could keep up with his expectations and Pig Hog Cables made the short list.

Rikk first got the opportunity to test drive an “Orange Cream” Vintage Instrument Cable from Pig Hog and fell in love! The tour grade construction, cool look and feel were exactly what he was looking for. Rikk said this about the experience, "As soon as I plugged in with this cable, I knew I had found a new friend. I immediately searched out Pig Hog and found they had all the cables I needed to switch every connection in my rig. From instrument to pedal board, my DI to the house, over to my amp and even from the amp to the speaker cabinet, Pig Hog had me covered. The idea of having this high quality, noise free connection in every part of my signal chain gave me the piece of mind I needed. Now having used this set up live and getting the added bonus of fatter tones in sessions, I can say with pride, Pig Hog… The only cables I trust on the road and in the studio. After working with Pig Hog directly and meeting some of the most responsive artist support staff in the business, I know I have found a partnership that I will value for years to come.”