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This is my official website, created for all of my fans to keep up with my musical happenings. I've been blessed to perform and record music for great audiences from every walk of life to enjoy. I'm honored that you are looking at my page and hope you will check out my music and the works of the great artists I have had the honor to be a trusty side man for.

- Rikk




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photo by: Jeff Shiflett

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-"Rikk’s bass playing echoes the sound of modern jazz and funk greats the likes of Jaco Pastorious or Larry Graham, just to mention a few"

-​"Rikk Manning’s virtuoso bass playing is evident throughout the album as well, showcasing his diverse talent and mastery of his instrument."
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-"Donohue and bassist Rikk Manning, two bulls in a china shop. Their wall of sound is one thing but add the kind of studio outrageousness they prefer and you have one wild soiree of the highest order"
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-"Richey told producer Tobe “Tobiotus” Donohoe and bass player Rikk Manning, “You make me cool and you make me relevant and I’ll make you rock!” Donohoe, who played drums, synths, and did all of the sequencing, and Manning, who plays some monster bass on the album, more than hold up their end of the deal"
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-"Hot bass lines …I really like Manning's bass work on this track giving it extra zip"
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-"He has displayed a wide range of ability"
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-"An amazingly developed arrangement"
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